How do I become a host family?

IAPA does not place au pairs with host families but IAPA member agencies do!

To contact an IAPA member agency about taking the next steps, you can either:

1. Review the list of IAPA members and contact a member directly by email, telephone or fax.

2. Fill out this information request form. IAPA will send the information to the members in your own country and you will be contacted directly.

What if there are no IAPA members in the country where I live?

• Contact the relevant governmental department in your country of residency and ask them to provide you with a list of reputable au pair agencies.
Note: it is important to check the reliability of any non-IAPA member agency

• Contact an IAPA member in the country that you would like the au pair to come from. It is possible the IAPA member has a partner organisation in the country where you are located.